How To Grab Your Prospects' Attention With High Converting Marketing Tools

Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Marketing Automation Tools, Integrated With All The Relevant Communication Channels. Truly Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Done For You Marketing Solutions

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We help you grow the number of leads and the conversion rates of your marketing channels,


We are "The Marketing Doctor", meaning you can count on our professional advice on whatever marketing challenge you might have.

Increased Productivity & Cost Savings

Marketing automation tools we use are designed to save you a lot of work and money. From the "we do not know who you are" stage of your prospects till the "we are your ambassadors" stage of your most loyal customers.

What We Offer

We offer our 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, combined with the most advanced marketing tools available right now. Both online and offline.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Here are our main three pillars of partnership with you:

  • First of all we need to understand your business. And we spend as much time as needed to do this.

  • Based on the previous pillar, together we choose the most relevant marketing strategy for you

  • Based on the strategy, we select the most reliable marketing tools and channels, with proven conversion results

Let's Work Together

This video invites you to a Free Marketing Audit. Even the offer is no longer "ON", you can understand from it how we can help you.

And, of course, you can book a free call to talk more and see how we fit.

What We Offer


We fulfil your advertising needs on all the relevant online platforms

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Tik Tok Ads

  • Google and Youtube Ads

Full-Service Marketing

Fully automated marketing funnel,

  • Website and landing pages building

  • SEO services

  • Blogs, articles and advertorial copywriting

  • Email marketing and newsletters

  • Podcast

  • Omnichannel Chatbot Marketing (Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Messenger, Webchat, SMS)


At Clever Marketing we treat your business like it was ours.

  • Full sales and marketing funnel audit

  • Full social media presence audit

  • Full website audit

  • Full online presence audit

  • Full marketing content audit


Marketing manager

Fast, simple and effective. This is how I would describe working with Clever Marketing. The marketing tools they use shorten the distance between brands and customers. And this is really something in a more challenging marketplace.

Razvan Bosinceanu

Sales Manager

Very serious and reliable partner; from selecting the right marketing tools for our brand, till deeply analysing the perfect audience to target. Fast thinking and creativity, very important assets in the current marketing landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Build Out Campaigns?

LIt depends on the type of campaign we decide together to use for your brand.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Google campaigns are subject of a matter of days; the most important aspects being to build the relevant audiences and to prepare the right creatives for every channel.

Full funnel marketing campaigns are subject of a couple of weeks.

Also, if you need third parties involved (like influencers, for example), the timing is linked to their existing schedule.

How are you different from other brand & digital marketing agencies?

We are a team with more than 20 years of business experience; sales, marketing, operations. We also have young marketing graduates in our team, so the mix of business acumen, youth and specific education, together with an "always looking for a better way" company culture, make us unique.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

This is directly linked with your brand uniqueness: the market you target, the sales cycle of your products, the buying behaviour of your customers. But one thing is common to all we do: we establish from the very beginning the metrics we should focus on, and we keep our eyes in them. At first, we have weekly calls with you to see if we are on the right track and we adjust all what is needed to hit the numbers. After a few weeks, our reporting calls are on a monthly bases.

What are the best marketing tools?

This also depends on your brand's specific market. But there are a few things that are constant in time: people like to be involved, people like to play and people like to compete with others. In this light, we do like to build fully automated chat marketing campaigns, since they are a sure way of increasing engagement and the least double the conversion rate of every website or landing page.

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